What they’re saying: Eagles are NFL’s team of the future, from the inside out

With the start of training camp now less than a week away, things seem to be going swell for the Eagles. Doug Pederson is beating Saints coach Sean Payton at golf. Nick Foles is adding more hardware to his shelf while becoming a best-selling author. Carson Wentz, who just got married, is likely on his honeymoon as you read this. And Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson continue to nfl authentic jerseys cheap  say Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson things (which usually involve taking shots at the New England Patriots).

As the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Eagles have every right to be feeling good heading into camp. And, according to some ESPN analysts, the Birds are in prime position to enjoy another summer like this in the near future.  USATSI_9543476.6fa9e2a8.fill-735x490

I don’t necessarily disagree,nfl jersey wholesale  I’m just wondering how they came up with those rankings — and where they parked the DeLorean.

It’s clearly a slow time of year in terms of actual news surrounding the Eagles, although that will change next week. But in the meantime, there are still plenty of opinions out there about the Eagles. In today’s edition of What They’re Saying, we’ll take a look at the Eagles’ bright future, which goes well beyond their young quarterback, as well as local columnist’s defense of best nfl jerseys Terrell Owens and the ever-rising value of the franchise.

ob Ford has a great column defending former Eagles wideout Terrell Owens in his ongoing beef with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As Owens told PhillyVoice earlier this year, he feels like voters put their nfl jersey for cheap personal feelings ahead of stats in preventing him from being elected on his first ballot.

He’ll get in this year — along with former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins — but that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it. Which is why Owens is skipping the induction ceremony altogether. As Bob Ford (correctly) argues, nfl jerseys cheap authentic T.O. has a point…custom nfl jerseys cheap

Owens has every right to be angry that it took three years to gain entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was not selected in his first two years of eligibility for the simple reason that the voters didn’t like him. Again, that’s understandable. It’s also not the primary reason the electors are there.

Terrell Owens is a Hall of Fame player, something the voters got around to admitting this year. His career accomplishments place him in the all-time top 10 for receptions (eighth), receiving yards (second)customized nfl jerseys cheap  and receiving touchdowns (third). There just isn’t any question that he belongs, but the Hall stuffily kept him out as long as possible because he was a pain in the ass. custom nfl jerseys During the same time, Marvin Harrison was elected despite career numbers that weren’t as good and despite some off-the-field issues that went beyond having an annoying personality.