Tyson Chandler

Age: 35

2017-18 Per-Game Stats: 6.5 points, 9.1 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 0.3 steals, 0.6 blocks

2017-18 Season Score: 0.240

2016-17 Season Score: 1.350 nfl youth jersey

2015-16 Season Score: 0.500

2014-15 Season Score: 8.621

2013-14 Season Score: 2.834

During his prime, Tyson Chandler was a game-changing center who rarely got the credit he deserved.

Most recognized his awe-inspiring defensive abilities as a rim-protecting presence, but his rolling acumen should’ve received similar praise. Gravity doesn’t always have to stem from perimeter shooting,nfl replica jerseys cheap  and defenses were forced to respect his ability to set physical screens before he tore down the lane for an alley-oop finish.

But Father Time has begun to sap Chandler’s athleticism, leading to an erosion of skills that hasn’t exactly been aided by the Phoenix Suns’ propensity for throwing younger contributors into the fire and leaving him on the bench for extended periods. He’s only played 93 games over the last two seasons, and he’s averaged just 26.3 minutes per appearance.

Chandler doesn’t yet have a negative replica nfl jerseys score in our metric, but he’s still just a fading image of his prior self.

The 35-year-old mustered only 1.28 points per possession as a roll man in 2017-18. And while that might sound impressive and placed in the 86th percentile, it’s a far cry from even the 1.37 points per possession he earned last season (95th percentile). nfl replica jerseys These subtle decays don’t seem like much in a vacuum, but they’re of monumental importance to a player who thrived almost solely because of his work in a select few areas.