Texans Working to Keep Jadeveon Clowney and Deshaun Watson For the Long-Term

The Houston Texans are currently moving to the 2019 season with the second most cap room in the NFL, but general manager Brian Gaine has been conservative with his off-season moves. Now, with nfl jerseys china cheap ~$43.4 million in cap space, there are questions on why the team has not moved more aggressive to address team needs.

Gaine knows the Texans have short and long term plans they have to pay attention too. The most immediate issue for the Texans is the future of Jadeveon Clowney and not long down the road is the contract waiting for Deshaun Watson.where to buy nfl jerseys556

“I have a great partner in Chris Olson our VP of football administration. We work on short term planning, long term planning on a weekly basis,” Gaine said of the Texans cap room and plans for it.womens nfl jerseys cheap

With the franchise tag on Clowney, it is giving time for the Texans, and Clowney’s representative continues discussions to come to terms on a long term deal.

“I really have a great fondness for Jadeveon Clowney,” Bill O’Brien said of Clowney at the NFL Meeting in Arizona. “I think he’s a good teammate, good guy, plays hard, made a lot of plays for us. personalized nfl jerseys This is what we think is best right now for our organization under the spirit of the tag where you try to continue to negotiate with JD and his representative. Obviously, you don’t want him walking away in free agency, so that’s the spirit of the franchise tag to kind of give you some more time to negotiate. nfl jersey sale That’s what we’re doing. Hopefully, we will see him on April 15. If not, it’s a voluntary program, and we will handle it from there.”nfl official jersey

Since the start of the off-season, Gaine and O’Brien have made it crystal clear they want Clowney in a Texans uniform for the long-term, and they will continue to work towards a resolution before the start of the season.where to get nfl jerseys cheap

Entering his third season with the Texans, the price tag for franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson is in the back of the Texans minds and maintaining the cap room preparing for his contract is starting to go china nfl jerseys cheap into motion. With Clowney and Watson being homegrown players from being selected in the first round under O’Brien to growing up with the organization, the time and effort put in by both players on and off the field have been vital.

“Certainly those are core players and those are key pieces to our team,” Gaine said of Clowney and Watson. “And my philosophy here with the Texans, as long I am with the Texans, will be we are going draft, we are going to develop, and we are going to extend our own to the best of abilities. I will always look for our internal solutions before we ever look for external solutions.”

The Texans are making it apparent that they are all in on nfl jerseys nike Clowney authentic nfl jerseys china and Watson being part of the nucleus of their roster.

“Those are two players,” Gaine said of the contract situation of Clowney and Watson. “That we are going to work long and hard to make sure they are part of the long-term future.”authentic nfl jerseys cheap china