Tennessee Titans: Are Titans fans really the third worst in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys fans were once again ranked the best fan base in the NFL which left some football fans upset.

Just by taking a quick look at the rankings, it seems like they did a pretty lazy job when it came to ranking each NFL fan base. Only five teams changed positions from last season.womens nfl jerseys

It seems like after the Chiefs breakout season with Patrick Mahomes, and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl would’ve given them a bump in the rankings, but somehow they both ranked the worst in the league. titans 20

Michael Lewis, who conducted the 2019 NFL Fandom Report used fan equity, social equity, and road equity.nfl nike jerseys

All of these combinations should find the best NFL fan bases and separate them from the worst, but it seems like Lewis’ system has a flaw.

With social media becoming such a vital part of the world we live in, it makes sense to use social media interactions and followings in the formula. I don’t think it should hold equal weight to how many fans attend home and road games.nfl jerseys for sale

I would like to see the specifics though. Lewis went into detail of everything he put into the equation for each team but I want to see the numbers.free nfl jerseys

Of course, the Titans have struggled to put a team on the field worthy enough of selling out Nissan Stadium, but I can find other franchises that are in worse shape than the Titans.authentic nfl jersey

Even though the Titans can’t get casual fans to the stadium every week, they still have a lot of loyal followers throughout Tennessee that have supported them since they relocated to Nashville.personalized nfl jerseys cheap

The Cowboys have fans all across the country so seeing them at number one based on Lewis’ method doesn’t surprise me. With the Patriots success it’s no surprise they are number two in the rankings.