Taking a Closer Look at Brian Gaine’s Pre-Draft Press Conference

Houston Texans general manager Brian Gaine held his pre-draft press conference with the media a week before the 2019 NFL Draft. This annual event gives a peek into what the Texans and Gaine could be thinking of heading into the NFL Draft. Some of the discussion points could be serious while other aspects are there to give little to no insight on what the Texans are doing.custom nfl jerseys

With Gaine’s recent press conference, we take a closer look at what the Texans general manager had to say about the Texans.
Team Needs vs. Trusting the Draft Board customized nfl jerseys

“As it relates to philosophy, I would say from our standpoint we’re always going to do what we can to improve the team at any position. We’re focused more – not so much on need in the draft process, but we’re focused on the actual process. Get the board right, rank it correctly and really let the board speak for itself. Our focus is more about our preparation and the process of how we arrive to those decisions.nfl custom jerseys cheaptexans

Our thoughts: It is no surprise that Gaine wants to trust the work his scouts have put in regarding evaluating prospects. Trusting his board on draft night appears to be the plan heading in round one, but there will have to be decisions made on need at some point of the draft. For example, if an offensive tackle and wide receiver are ranked similarly early in the draft, it is hard to see the cheap custom nfl jerseys  Texans passing on the offensive tackle. We do expect the Texans to be true to their board especially in round one, and they will not reach for a player based on position. That is when a team misses on prospects early, reaching for need instead of trusting the work they have put in. Remember cheap customized nfl jerseys , last season the Texans did not have a first or second round selection in the 2018 Draft and ended up with a robust initial class with the likes of Justin Reid, Keke Coutee, Duke Ejiofor, Martinas Rankin, Peter Kalambayi, Jordan Akins and Jordan Thomas. The Texans trusted their board and a good portion of the draft class contributed positively last season.cheap nfl custom jerseys

On The Texans Draft Picks

“I think, to go back to this, to get four players in the top 86. nike nfl jerseys cheap We hope, at some point in time, all four of those players would be starters or eventual starters if you’re drafting them in the first three rounds. So, we have an opportunity here, and we have every intention of getting it right, to potentially get four new starters in seven days’ time.”

Our Thoughts: It sure does feel like Gaine is adamant about sitting on their four selections in the draft order they currently possess. Many feel this draft might not be stacked at the top of elite prospects, but there is enough depth heading into round three and four to find potential starters. The Texans, like many teams in the NFL, need to land as many players as they can in the draft especially  nfl jerseys cheap nike with four selections coming in the first 86 selections. The idea is to land players that will eventually become starters, and it appears that is what Gaines plans to do, take at least four players in the first three rounds.nfl nike jerseys cheap