Sometimes, It’s the Trades You Don’t Make

Had the Utah Jazz dealt Derrick Favors, it would have been totally defensible.authentic nfl jerseys
They could have done it last year, and there was a strong case they should have done so at this season’s trade deadline. With Favors occupying a spot behind star Rudy Gobert and the broad abandonment of two-big lineups across the league, Favors, a free-agent-to-be, could have returned some value.

It’s a good thing Utah never pulled the trigger.

Favors dominated in the Jazz’s 102-95 Game 2 victory, posting 20 points on 8-of-14 shooting, 16 rebounds, three assists and a steal. He controlled huge stretches of action with his work on the offensive glass, hauling in eight of the Jazz’s misses on the night. His two made threes were just gravy.
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“The biggest thing for us: Derrick Favors played his ass off,” Donovan Mitchell said on NBA TV afterward.

Undeniable. And now Utah is tied up with OKC at 1-1, taking home-court advantage back to Salt Lake City for Game jerseys wholesale

Favors tends to look this spry only when he has several days off to rest, so he might be able to repeat this performance since playoff games are more spaced out than regular-season contests. He will have to recover his ass, though, before he can play it off again.