OTA MVPs: Players Who Shined the Most in Early Workouts

Spring revitalizes the NFL.

A new sense of hope buds after the previous season’s performance. Every organization adds pieces to replenish their rosters as coaches and front office personnel express excitement about all of the new possibilities. cheap nfl authentic jerseys

Everything changes once the harsh reality of fall camp and the regular season creates obstacles to success. Right now, though, the picture is pristine and perfect. Everything will work out in a team’s favor, or so it believes.

The first glimpse of the league’s new talent mere days after the NFL draft is breathtaking. Rookies symbolize hope. But they’re far from the only reason why teams grow enamored with offseason changes.

A team’s potential starts to take root. Talented incoming prospects germinate throughout rookie minicamp, workouts and organized team activities. Veterans blossom once they’re back on the field.cheap authentic nfl jerseys And a few surprises usually pop up as well.

The following eight individuals made instant impressions in their new surroundings.

Lamar Jackson wasn’t the first, cheap nfl jerseys from china second or even fourth quarterback drafted this year. Yet he may be the most discussed prospect due to his athleticism, big-play ability and the Baltimore Ravens’ need for both in the offense.

Joe Flacco remains the team’s starting quarterback, and Jackson is expected to participate in certain sub-packages.

The 2016 Heisman Trophy winner, who completed just 57 percent of his collegiate career attempts, helped dispel concerns about his passing finesse during minicamp. His performance from the pocket during his initial professional practices showed a different side of his skill set.

“The thing that I was really impressed with is I thought he was accurate,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said, per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. “You read the reports and stuff like that but he’s a naturally talented thrower. He’s got natural arm talent. And that’s something that I think people were questioning. So to see him out here throwing the ball naturally and very accurately¬†nfl cheap jerseys¬† I thought was a big plus.”

Jackon’s speed and ability to create will dazzle onlookers. But it’s how he handles himself within the Ravens’ offensive structure that will determine his eventual takeover.