New York Jets (via Indianapolis): Sam Darnold, QB, USC

Deadly Accurate Quarterback Projection: nfl jerseys cheap china Less exciting Matt Ryan.

Oh look, Sam Darnold wasn’t selected first overall. That’s mildly surprising, because Darnold is the cleanest quarterback prospect on the draft board, if not the best quarterback at any one thing.

Darnold is not a hyper-talented long-range project like Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson. He lacks the edgy Josh Rosen-Baker Mayfield personality traits that could rattle around like the bottlecap in the garbage disposal when coaches find themselves on the hot seat. Darnold is the luxury sedan of quarterback prospects: The commercials claim you will “stand out from the crowd” by selecting him, but you’ll have a hard time picking him out from the others in the supermarket parking lot.

Luxury sedans are wonderful, of course, nfl jerseys especially if you have been driving old 1980s hatchbacks for years. Darnold checks all the boxes as a quarterback of the future, and there is nothing coaches, scouts and execs like more than checking authentic nfl jerseys  all of their little boxes. Darnold should grow into a very good quarterback and could become a great one, but there is nothing about him that will get an NFL decision-maker fired for this selection, which is the best attribute any NFL prospect can enter the draft with.

The Jets played the predraft market incredibly well in the offseason. (There’s a sentence I never thought I would type.) They traded second-round picks to leapfrog over the Broncos and the Browns’ potential trading partners for the fourth pick, then gambled correctly that the wholesale nfl jerseys  chips would fall a certain way with the first two selections. A new Jets era that should have begun three years ago is finally beginning. There’s much more work to be done, but at least the team finally acquired the piece it should have started jerseys wholesale

Grade: A