Mike Freeman’s 10-Point Stance: NBA’s Spending Spree Has NFL Players’ Attention

NFL players will say, Yes, absolutely. What kind of stupid question is that?

In truth, Hopkins’ tweet was less a question than a statement. There isn’t a player in the NFL who doesn’t think they deserve the same as their NBA counterparts.

It’s not being petty. It’s being real.nfl womens jerseys cheaphi-res-df8fcd04d316ccb1bda3ba716ef102a1_crop_north

The money in NBA free agency continues to climb, and NFL players say that’s a good thing. This, of course, has those same NFL players examining their league’s own pay structure and how it seems woefully inadequate given the physical punishment of their game.cheap authentic nfl jerseys from china

NFL players want more guaranteed money (like NBA and MLB players), and with the collective bargaining agreement expiring after the 2020 season, the issue is sure to become a key negotiating point.official cheap nfl jerseys

NFL players aren’t poor, but their overall salaries, compared to pro basketball and baseball players, are a joke.

Consider some of NBA deals agreed to this summer alone: Kevin Durant ($164 million contract with the Nets), Kyrie Irving ($141 million with the Nets), Kemba Walker ($141 million with the Celtics),nfl authentic jersey  Klay Thompson ($190 million extension with the Warriors), Tobias Harris ($180 million extension with the 76ers). Not to mention the biggest free-agent catch of them all, Kawhi Leonard, has yet to sign.women nfl jerseys

Most importantly, as it relates to the NFL, all of those NBA deals are guaranteed. In the NFL, for the most part, only signing bonuses are.

NFL players definitely notice the disparity. Yes, the highest-paid NFL player right now (in terms of total cash)—Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at $45 million for the 2019 season—will make $2 million more than the highest-annual-official nike nfl jerseys salaried NBA player in Stephen Curry at $43 million. The issue arrises with total contract value and those guarantees. Russell Westbrook’s total contract value is $207 million, the biggest in the NBA at the time of this writing. That’s almost $60 million more than his NFL equivalent in Matt Ryan.jersey nfl cheap

And the difference between baseball and football might even be worse.

Lions linebacker Devon Kennard was able to laugh about the situation, as he did at this tweet (and it is funny). Some players, however, aren’t quite so calm.

2. The coming CBA fight cheap authentic nfl jerseys china

Players aren’t merely expressing their unhappiness over the pay-guarantee gap between the NFL and NBA; they have made it clear, I’ve heard, that they want the union to fight for more guaranteed money in the next CBA.nfl official jerseys

No, not all players feel this way. And yes, there is great danger in fighting for guaranteed deals in the NFL, as it would likely lead to a strike that could last a season or longer.
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But players have been watching the contracts grow in the NBA and MLB and had no recourse.

They will in two years, and if you think players are miffed now, just wait.