Metrics 101: The Most Undervalued NBA Free Agent at Every Position

LeBron James will inevitably serve as a primary free-agent target for a number of talent-hungry NBA teams in the summer of 2018. Plenty of franchises will be hoping for a shot at Kevin Durant or Chris Paul, though neither player is likely to leave his current situation. Clint Capela and DeMarcus Cousins are about to make a lot of money for their work at center. nfl cheap jerseys

But what if you’re looking for bargains, scraping further down the free-agency barrel to unearth some overlooked gems?

To make an informed—albeit still subjective—decision at each of the five traditional positions, we’re turning to the formula for Player Score used in previous articles.

For every player in the NBA who logged even a single minute during 2017-18, we pulled scores in four different overarching metrics: NBA Math’s total points added (TPA),’s real plus/minus wins (RPM Wins), nfl jerseys cheap china player efficiency rating (PER) and win shares (WS). The first two look at volume/efficiency combinations, while the third focuses on per-possession effectiveness and favors offensive production. The fourth element rewards those whose individual merits lead to more victories. Volume and time on the court matter more than they might in other evaluations.

To standardize four numbers that operate nfl jerseys  on drastically different scales, we found the z-scores in each category and summed them to find a player’s total score. The cumulative z-scores comprise Player Score, which you an see listed for each player and parenthetically included for the free agents ranked above and below.

These five contributors all boast positive marks, and they each rank more prominently than you might expect based on pure name recognition and reputation. If your team lands one of them (assuming the price tag doesn’t rise astronomically), it likely found an offseason gem. nfl jersey