Joe Haden, Pittsburgh Steelers

Similar to the Buccaneers’ situation with Gerald McCoy, the Steelers need to cut Joe Haden to clear enough cap space for their upcoming draft class.

Heading into the weekend, they only had about wholesale nfl jerseys $8 million in cap space, but that number shrank with the signing of linebacker Mark Barron. He signed a two-year, $12 million deal that will likely put his 2019 cap hit somewhere between $5 and $6 million.

However, Pittsburgh’s 10-pick draft class will cost approximately $8 million, depending on how many of those picks it keeps. The Steelers don’t have the money to sign their draft class without making a serious roster jerseys wholesale

Cornerback Joe Haden is the easy answer. He played well in 2018, rocking a 24th-best 56 percent success rate among qualifying cornerbacks, a mark that edged out Jalen Ramsey and Kyle Fuller. He also notched two nfl jerseys china interceptions on the year, making him the only Steeler last season to grab more than one. However, it’s not feasible for him to remain on the roster with a $11.9 million cap hit.

Releasing Haden would incur a $1.9 million dead-cap penalty,nfl wholesale jerseys but that would still net the Steelers $10 million in cap space. Those savings would be enough to sign their draft class without any cap-limit stress. Pittsburgh probably doesn’t want to cut Haden, but there isn’t much of a choice.