Jimbo Fisher Is Confident Texans Cullen Gillaspia is Built for the NFL

Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher was in Houston for the Aggies coaches night discussing everything of their football program. Fisher took time to talk about Houston Texans rookie fullback Cullen Gillaspia. He was selected in the final round of the 2019 NFL Draft by the Texans and the Aggie product impressed since he arrived at NRG Stadium.nfl authentic jerseys

Gillaspia during OTAs, Gillaspia talked about the move to fullback that changed the trajectory of his football career than ultimately put him on NFL radars heading to the NFL Draft.
“I went into Coach (Jimbo) Fisher’s office, and I knew that he ran an offense with a fullback in it and for the past two years of my career all I had done is played special teams and played linebacker my redshirt sophomore year,”nfl authentic jerseys cheap  Gillaspia explained during the start of OTAs. “In some more important games my redshirt junior year we had some younger guys come in and step up, so I feel like I was being left off the field when I could have helped the team in another way. When Coach Fisher came in, I saw the opportunity, and he had already kind of known who I was from talking to Scott Woodward. I knew that linebacker wasn’t necessarily my future and I knew that if I wanted a chance in this league, I had to find value doing something other than just special teams. So I told Coach Fisher, I said ‘Hey, I’m ready to make the switch nfl jersey wholesale . I’m ready to help this team in any way I can.’ Six months later, you get drafted to your hometown team.”texans

Fisher gave his side of the story when he talked about the position change from linebacker to fullback for Gillaspia.best nfl jerseys

“I asked him to switch to offense,” Fisher explained. “He was out there, and he was throwing the ball one day, and I saw some skills. He was running, catching and moving so fluidly. You know, I mean, a lot of guys are athletes. If you play on offense, you can have a certain balance and body control with the ball skills, and he did that. And so you know, you know, You’ve been at linebacker why don’t you come over and try with us. And then, of course, it took off, and he and he just kept progressing and progressing and learning a very intelligent young man and very blessed.”nfl jersey for cheap

It was from that conversation that Fisher made it clear to Gillaspia that he had what it took to play in the NFL. A light switched on in Gillaspia according to Fisher which helped him push for more after his playing career concluded at Texas A&M.nfl jerseys cheap authentic

“We had that conversation one day, and I said, you know, when he was talking about what he could do,” Fisher said of Gillaspia. “I said, son. You could play in the NFL. He looked at me, so he said, Really? I said, Yes. I mean, you had the skill level to do that. And it was like it was a light went on in his head.”

“Not that I put it, but it was there for him,” Fisher continued. “Once it did, he just took off and went with it. And it’s very rewarding. As a coach, you love to see the guys get rewarded. And then listen, he loves everything about ball. custom nfl jerseys cheap I mean, he loves to work. He loves to train loves to run, and he’s such a team guy. I mean, that’s not always the case all the time. I mean, this guy truly loves being on a team, and that’s why I think he’ll do well in the NFL.”customized nfl jerseys cheap