If LeBron Wants Out, Cavs Should Discuss Trades with Rockets, Sixers, Lakers

LeBron James never left the Cleveland Cavaliers as a free agent in 2010.

No, this isn’t an attempt to suppress painful memories of Cavs fans everywhere, but rather a clarification of what actually happened.cheap nike nfl jersey

After announcing he would be joining the Miami Heat, both front offices worked together on a sign-and-trade that sent James and his talents to South Beach, netting the Cavaliers’ two first-round draft picks and two second-round picks in the process. Cleveland also received a $14.5 million trade exception and the right to swap 2012 first-round picks.cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

The Cavs obviously preferred to keep James, but they were also smart enough to recognize that if he was going to leave, they might as well get something in return.cheap nfl nike jersey

Could history repeat itself in 2018?

Cleveland would love to max James out on a five-year contract. Or sign him to another one-and-one. Or watch him pick up his $35 million player option for next season. Whichever. No pressure.cheap nfl jerseys china nike

A future with James means the opportunity to retool, flip the No. 8 overall pick in the draft for help and make a fifth straight trip to the NBA Finals. Watching him walk as a free agent to the Los Angeles Lakers or another attractive destination with cap space would kick off an automatic rebuild for the Cavaliers.

There is a middle ground.china nike nfl jerseys cheap

If James wants to leave Cleveland, a trade would be in everyone’s best interest.

Why a Trade Works for James

While James was adamant about not waiving his no-trade clause during the 2017-18 season, this summer should be a different story.

Fewer teams have max space than in previous years, mostly thanks to the plethora of awful contracts handed out during the cap-spike summers of 2015, ’16 and ’17. Now that these spikes have cooled off, only a handful of teams can offer James a maximum deal without first gutting the roster.

This isn’t a problem if James wants to join the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers or Atlanta Hawks. Thanks to the Cavaliers taking Jordan Clarkson (and giving up their 2018 first-rounder, no less), the Lakers are the only serious contender for James’ services that can offer him (and another star) a full max without shedding money.cheap nfl nike jerseys from china

Yes, James in L.A. has amazing marketing potential, as well as the ability to bring in Paul George, Chris Paul or another star that he would love to play with. The thought of having to battle teams like the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors simply to reach the NBA Finals has to give him cheap nike nfl jerseys free shipping some pause, however.

Instead, agreeing to a trade or sign-and-trade unlocks a world of possibilities for James.

No longer do teams need cap space to sign him. This opens up doors to join the Rockets, 76ers, San Antonio Spurs or any other team in the NBA that would acquire James if given the opportunity.

It also lessens the sting on his legacy, assuming there’s no accompanying television special, of course. He could even force owner Dan Gilbert to hold a press conference saying it was all his idea. At least, he should.nfl cheap jerseys nike