Ice Cube Welcomes LeBron to LA, but Not All Kobe Fans Feel the Same Way

Ice Cube doesn’t get it. The legendary West Coast rapper is a diehard Lakers fan and a proud Kobe Bryant stan. He loved that the Black Mamba accepted all challenges and was a proven jersey for cheap

But with the arrival of LeBron James to Los Angeles, best nfl jerseys Ice Cube is confused why some Kobe stans haven’t welcomed James with open arms.

“Kobe ain’t playing, but even if Kobe was on the team, I’d be happy,” Ice Cube, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the BIG3,  told Bleacher Report. “Who wouldn’t be happy with a player like LeBron? Even diehard Kobe fans, it’s silly to not be happy that we have another great player on the Lakers that can probably win us a championship.” a4596043c5fce412eccf556e4cd6bbbc_crop_north

Ice Cube admits he was “a big-time Kobe-over-LeBron fan. But now that we got LeBron, I’m a big-time LeBron fan because he’s on our team. He’s not against us no more. He’s with us. I think we just need to act like it.”

But there are Kobe stans who are reluctant to accept the best player in the game. That’s become evident since The King decided to take his talents to Southern California earlier this month. Even though Kobe retired two years ago, his aggressive cult following hasn’t forgotten about the days when LeBron and Kobe fans argued about who was the best player in the jerseys cheap authentic

“With Kobe stans, there’s a level of disrespect they get in a general setting,” says Juanita Anderson, a Southern California native whose Twitter handle is @intrepid_heroin. “Like, he never shot over 47 percent, so they’ll just disrespect everything he’s done in his career. I wouldn’t consider myself a Kobe stan, but there are certain situations where I’ll be like, ‘Now wait, hold up. You gotta respect the man.’ For Kobe stans, that’s, like, all the time. No matter what, they’ve got this fake rivalry in their heads that he has with LeBron, which I’ll never understand.” custom nfl jerseys cheap

Even Nike got in on this rivalry in 2009 with its successful MVPuppets commercials. Unfortunately, Kobe and LeBron never faced each other in the NBA Finals, but Kobe stans took pride in knowing their king won customized nfl jerseys cheap  five NBA titles before LeBron finally secured his first in 2012. As James appeared in eight straight NBA Finals while Bryant exited his prime and eventually retired, Kobe stans have made it their duty to preserve his legacy by caping for him at all times.