Finding a Perfect Trade Fix for Each MLB Team

Major League Baseball’s summer trade season is inching ever closer. When it arrives, pretty much everyone will be active in some capacity.

So let’s go ahead and imagine a few swaps.

Ahead are suggestions for trade fixes for all 30 MLB teams. For contenders, this involves identifying players who could either patch weaknesses or elevate strengths. For noncontenders, it involves identifying players who should be moved for young talent that will be of future use.

There are individual players who fit well on more than one team, so there will be a few repeats along the way. Otherwise, the only thing left to know is we’ll go in alphabetical order by jerseys cheap china

It’s taken no time for the Baltimore Orioles to fall out of contention, and that means it’s a matter of time before they trade Manny Machado.

However, the list of teams that might actually acquire the star shortstop is shorter than the list of clubs that are sure to express interest. As a free-agent-to-be with an enormous acquisition cost, he only fits on teams with legit World Series aspirations.

Which brings us to the Arizona jerseys

At 24-11, the D-backs find themselves atop a National League race that was supposed to be ruled by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals. If they’re going to dig in their heels, they should do so by upgrading their offense.

Machado, who has a 1.049 OPS and nine home runs, would be one heck of an upgrade. And putting him at shortstop could force Nick Ahmed to second base, which features a group that’s produced just a .649 OPS.

The Atlanta Braves arguably need a third baseman and starting pitching help. But they can find both from within by promoting Austin Riley or any number of their excellent pitching prospects.

Upgrading their bullpen, on the other hand, is something they need the trade market nfl jerseys china

As it is, Atlanta’s bullpen is mostly fine. It only has a good-not-great 3.68 ERA overall, but they’re getting a 1.94 ERA out of their six most frequently used relievers.authentic nfl jerseys

Even still, that group would benefit from adding a control artist who can get a ground ball in a pinch. To wit, they’re walking 4.9 batters per nine innings and maintaining a meager 39.3 ground-ball percentage.

Control artist? Ground balls? That’s Brad Ziegler in a nutshell. And due to his rental status, he shouldn’t have a price tag high enough to scare the Braves from bartering with the Miami Marlins, their National League East rivals.