Denver Signs David Nwaba

Defense is going to be an issue for the Denver Nuggets—a big issue. They placed 26th in points allowed per 100 possessions last season and aren’t projected to improve much, if at all, leading into next year.

A fully healthy Paul Millap will help some, but not much. The Nuggets’ other moves won’t allow it. They offloaded Wilson Chandler, one of their more mobile defenders, into the Sixers’ cap space. And then they proceeded to sign Isaiah Thomas, according to’s Adrian Wojnarowski. They need worker bees on the wings even after re-upping Torrey jerseys wholesale

Sending Darrell Arthur and Kenneth Faried to the Brooklyn Nets positions the Nuggets to make an 11th-hour addition. They’re saving more than $20 million as part of the salary dump, per Woj. That doesn’t just yank them outside luxury-tax territory. It frees them up to use what’s left of their mid-level exception without worrying about the jerseys china

And wouldn’t you know it, the Chicago Bulls just rescinded their quality offer to David Nwaba, according to Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania. They could still re-sign him, but the Nuggets now have the financial clout to sling more than the minimum without incurring monstrous luxury-tax penalties. Or this could be a James Ennis situation, in which Nwaba signs on for the wholesale jerseys

Denver should be on top of him either way. Nwaba listed at 6’4″ but defends like he’s 6’9″. Chicago got away with using him on everyone from point guards to power jerseys from china

Any perimeter rotation that now features Thomas, Will Barton and Jamal Murray needs that versatility.