Darron Lee, New York Jets

With the signing of linebacker C.J. Mosley, Darron Lee’s roster spot in New York is in jeopardy.nfl jerseys from china

Lee has failed to live up to his first-round draft pedigree. Despite being as athletic as any coach could dream of, his awareness and reactions are lacking. In three seasons, Lee never showed skill development as a linebacker and was especially lacking in coverage—until last season, when he finally recorded his first three  NFL interceptions. Still, his development in 2018 was official nfl jerseys cheap negligible.

On top of lackluster play,nfl authentic jerseys  Lee was also suspended at the end of 2018 for breaking the league’s banned substance policy. The four-game suspension effectively ended Lee’s season and sent him into the 2019 offseason with a sour final impression.

Cutting Lee will only save the Jets about $1.5 million on the cap, but his services are no longer needed. New head coach Adam Gase is known for moving on from players in a heartbeat if they do not mesh with him,nfl authentic jerseys cheap so Lee is a good candidate to be a typical “new coach, new era” cut.