Cleveland Browns (via Houston): Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

Strengths: Man coverage skills,nfl jerseys china  tackling/toughness for his size.

Weaknesses: Size.

Denzel Ward is very similar to Broncos cornerback Chris Harris. He is a little undersized but makes up for it with a physical style. Ward is best in man coverage but has good eyes in zone and reacts quickly to pattern combinations.

Ward played outside in college but projects as a starter who will slide to the slot or move around to avoid 6’4” receivers in the NFL. He’s not suited to cover Julio Jones, but no cornerback in this class has a better chance of covering Antonio Brown.

Stat Fact: Ward allowed a completion rate of just 32.8 percent on nfl wholesale jerseys passes to his receivers in 2017, according to Sports Info Solutions.

Whenever the Browns pick for the rest of the first three rounds, we’ll turn to our Hot Take Team of conflicting Browns experts for instant analysis. Take it away, guys:

OLD SKOOL FOOTBALL GUY: You can’t argue with this pick, nfl jerseys from china can you, Math Geek? It fills a need at an important position. And defense wins championships.

MONEYBALL EXTREMIST: We prefer that you not use the phrase “defense wins championships.” It’s a microaggression against those who respect the fact that defense is important but don’t believe it exclusively wins championships. Also, the politically correct term is not “official nfl jerseys cheap Math Geek,” but either “Sabermetrician” or “Dungeon Master.”

OLD SKOOL: Just tell the people whether you like the pick or not, Nerdlinger.

MONEYBALL: Yeah, it rocks. But it feels like a little reach here, with so much top-tier talent on the board.

Grade: A-minus