Chris Paul, Houston Rockets

In some ways, the Houston Rockets are already feeling the weight of Chris Paul’s contract, which is gargantuan: four years and $159.7 million.

The pact is so large that when you take it and the $24.3 million Paul made last year, the Rockets will have paid him $449 shy of $184 million. That’s $21.5 million more than he made in the first 12 years of his jerseys authentic

But while the Rockets will give him his best paychecks, it’s unlikely they’ll get his best play. Last season, Paul led the NBA in real plus-minus, according to, meaning that while he was on the court, he was still a phenomenal player. He ranked only 16th in RPM wins, however, which factors playing time into the equation.

Paul has missed over 20 games each of the last two years and was sidelined for Games 6-7 of the Western Conference Finals. It’s hard to rely on Paul when he’s consistently jerseys cheap collection

That’s the sort of thing that doesn’t improve with age. He turned 33 in May and will be 36 when he’s making $44.2 million in the last year of his contract. It’s hard to believe he’ll be worth womens nfl jerseys

The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t exactly splurge on Jerami Grant’s contract of three years and $27 million, per Adrian Wojnarowski .

However, that’s not how much he’s going to cost the Thunder, according to Woj: “Keeping Grant on a $9 million annual salary could cost the Thunder an additional $40 million in luxury tax. His re-signing is a clear message to [Paul] George and All-Star guard Russell Westbrook about ownership’s willingness to possibly host the largest payroll in NBA history.”official nfl jersey

So that $27 million will become $67 million. And that’s only part of the womens jerseys cheap

OKC doubled down when it didn’t need to. It’s already paying Andre Roberson—another defender who can’t shoot—$10 million in 2018-19.

The Thunder may have been better off pursuing someone in free agency who can at least produce a modicum of offense without losing much (if anything) on the defensive end. Luc Mbah a Moute, who played last season for the Rockets at the league minimum, is still available, for example.