B/R’s Way-Too-Early NBA Title Odds for 2018-19 Season

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions for the third time in four years. If they’re hoping for another successful title defense, they won’t let their champagne-soaked celebration pull their attention away from offseason strategizing.best nfl jersey

From win-now clubs to long-term rebuilders, all 30 Association members do some degree of forward-thinking. We might as well follow their lead, then, and take a way-too-early glance at the 2018-19 championship odds.

Yes, we know the basketball landscape can shift dramatically between now and October. Any movement LeBron James makes reverberates around the globe. There’s also probably at least a handful of difference-makers in what appears to be a deep draft class and a bunch of non-LeBron free agents capable of moving the needle.

But by combining what we saw this past season with where things stand entering the summer, we can get a good grasp on every club’s current championship hopes.

30. Atlanta Hawks: 1,000-1

If Dennis Schroder gets traded, the top returning scorer will be Taurean Prince and the best distributor coming back will be Kent Bazemore. If Schroder stays, both labels are his. Either scenario looks uninspiring through the lens of title contention.

29. Sacramento Kings: 1,000-1

Thirty-six-year-old Zach Randolph led this team in scoring last season. De’Aaron Fox probably provided the most excitement while possessing a 41.2/30.7/72.3 shooting slash. It’s possible the top talent on the roster is the unidentified No. 2 pick.china jerseys nfl

28. Orlando Magic: 500-1

Will the Magic bring back restricted free agent Aaron Gordon? We don’t know, we just know it won’t change their championship outlook.

Replacing Frank Vogel with Steve Clifford didn’t change the fact this roster lacks elite talent, and there’s no guarantee the No. 6 pick can alter it, either.

27. Brooklyn Nets: 500-1

The Nets were one of nine teams to lose 50-plus games. They’re the only one who won’t receive a top-10 pick for their troubles.

They’ll finally own their first-rounder next summer, which might encourage them to spend another year in the cellar. Looking at their roster, they might not have another choice.

26. Dallas Mavericks: 300-1

It feels like the Mavs roster reaches three  cool nfl jerseys eras—from past-his-prime Dirk Nowitzki to win-now Harrison Barnes to needs-more-seasoning Dennis Smith Jr. There’s enough money to try to accelerate their rebuild, real nfl jerseys for cheap but the smarter strategy might involve focusing on the development of Smith and the No. 5 pick.

25. Chicago Bulls: 300-1

Next season’s Bulls might hemorrhage points the same way last season’s Bulls did. But head coach Fred Hoiberg will have the chance to work his offensive magic with Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine (assuming the restricted free agent remains in Chicago), Denzel Valentine and the No. 7 pick.

It won’t be enough to matter in the standings, but it should be an improvement.nfl jersey authentic

24. Phoenix Suns: 250-1

It’s fun to imagine a “Shaq and Kobe 2.0” future awaiting Devin Booker and likely No. 1 pick Deandre Ayton. And who knows, maybe that duo will be the foundation of the Suns’ next contender—in three-to-five years.

23. New York Knicks: 250-1

New York’s lone All-Star, Kristaps Porzingis, tore his ACL in February. There’s been talk of him not playing at all next season. Couple that absence with an obvious need for patience with last year’s lottery pick (Frank Ntilikina) and this year’s (ninth overall), and this could be a forward-focused, loss-filled, developmental campaign for the ‘Bockers.

22. Charlotte Hornets: 200-1

The Hornets seem trapped in mediocrity and might require a Kemba Walker trade to escape this cycle. They were almost perfectly average this past season, outscoring opponents by only 0.3 points per game. That’s a disturbingly low number for a $117.2 million roster.wholesale jerseys nfl

21. Memphis Grizzlies: 200-1

A handful of ifs could help the Grizzlies quickly climb the ladder—if Mike Conley and Chandler Parsons finally stay healthy; if Marc Gasol reverses his apparent decline; if the No. 4 pick provides an instant impact—but that’s a lot of breaks this bunch needs to catch.cheap china nfl jerseys

It’s possible to picture Memphis forcing its way into the 2019 playoff picture or needing a total teardown at the trade deadline.