Browns’ Plan to Build Offense Around Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor

The Cleveland Browns are short on quarterbacks. No, wait, that description fits previous incarnations of the team. This Browns staff is quite excited about two short quarterbacks. nfl jerseys cheap china

The Baker Mayfield-Tyrod Taylor combination is arguably the franchise’s most talented since Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb led the team to its last playoff appearance in 2002. nfl jerseys

Both lack ideal height, though, and new offensive coordinator Todd Haley will tailor his offense to highlight each quarterback’s strengths while downplaying their stature.

“The offense is going to be very similar,” NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reported after speaking with head coach Hue Jackson. “In the passing game, they’re going to have a deeper pocket setup. Both of the quarterbacks are about 6’1”, and they said the way they can create passing lanes without a whole lot of schematic things is just have a deeper drop. cheap nfl jerseys china

“It’s something Mayfield did well at Oklahoma, and they think should translate well to the Browns.”

Jackson, meanwhile, reaffirmed Taylor is the Browns’ starting quarterback and “that won’t change,” according to the’s Mary Kay Cabot. authentic nfl jerseys

Concern does arise with deeper drops. They will make protection more difficult for both offensive tackles. How quickly and efficiently the Browns’ quarterbacks release the ball will have a profound effect on any success the offense experiences.