Brooklyn Nets: Jabari Parker (Restricted)

Regaining control over their first-round picks next year could lull the Brooklyn Nets into offseason inertia. They have plenty of wings and more than a few projects to groom, and even with draft-lottery nfl jersey reform set to take effect, their losses are about to matter.

On the flip side, this doesn’t guarantee the Nets will contemplate an all-out tank or complete idleness. They have not been bystanders under general manager Sean Marks. They’ve been market aggressors in restricted free agency,cheap nfl jerseys china  hand-crafting hyperbolic offer sheets designed to whisk away rival players or gum up enemy ledgers.

The Portland Trail Blazers know the feeling, circa Allen Crabbe, now of the Nets, in 2016. So do the Miami Heat. Brooklyn is the source of Tyler Johnson’s poison-pill deal from 2016. The Washington Wizards joined this club last summer when the Nets maxed out Otto Porter, complete with a 15 percent trade kicker.

Puffing up price tags for restricted free agents will be tougher nfl jerseys wholesale this year. The Nets will have a little over $16 million to spare if they renounce all their free agents, including Joe Harris, and waive Isaiah Whitehead’s non-guaranteed deal. That’s not enough to crash the party for Aaron Gordon or Jabari Parker. It may not even be enough to yank Julius Randle off the Los Angeles Lakers.authentic nfl jerseys

Rehabilitating DeMarre Carroll’s stock comes in handy right about now. The Nets should be able to dump his $15.4 million expiring salary or move him for a cheaper player. That gives them maxish money to work with, depending on the deal.

Parker is the guy if the Nets get to that point. They could use another 4 if they’re not sold on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson beyond next year, and their frontcourt remains light on playmakers. And while the Magic are virtual locks to match any money that comes nfl jerseys from china Gordon’s way, the Milwaukee Bucks cannot afford to be as married to Parker.