Avery Bradley, Los Angeles Clippers

The Lost Angeles Clippers signed Avery Bradley to a two-year, $25 million contract, and I have to wonder why.

Bradley has a reputation of being a three-and-D wing, and that’s what the Clips are paying him to be. The question is: Does he deserve his reputation?

Consider his defensive real plus-minus, year by year, per ESPN.com:

2017-18: Minus-0.53
2016-17: Minus-1.72
2015-16: Minus-1.24
2014-15: Plus-0.73
2013-14: Plus-1.22

So, while he’s been a good defender in the past, he regressed each of the prior three seasons before 2017-18. That’s not what you might have expected, because when you watch Bradley’s engaged on-ball defense, he’s spectacular and able to stay in front of his man.

Admittedly, last year was weird. He played for both the Detroit Pistons and Clippers—not to mention came back from injury. But the bigger issue is that a lot of what happens on defense takes place off the ball, and he tends to get lost on team defense, especially since his height (6’2″) makes him susceptible to spot-up shooters.

There are two ways of looking at this. cheap authentic nfl jerseys from china Either the numbers aren’t doing him justice and it’s a case of “this is why you need the eye test,” or it’s a case of the eye test.

Now, Bradley does shoot a decent percentage from three (36.9 last season), but he’s only made two treys per game once in his career (2016-17).

His career percentage from two is only 47.2. His career effective field-goal percentage is a subpar 49.6 (the league average is usually around 52.0), and his career true shooting percentage is only 51.6 nfl authentic jersey (league average is around 55.0).

He only averaged 2.0 assists and 2.5 rebounds last year, too. So it’s not like he’s making up for that in other areas. He’s not going to live up to his contract.

Doug McDermott is the opposite of Grant.official cheap nfl jerseys

He can stretch the court like nobody’s business, but his defense is so horrible that it’s almost impossible to keep him on the court despite his ability to get the ball in the bucket.

His minus-1.76 DRPM ranked 468th out of 521 players.women nfl jerseys

Increasingly, teams attack bad players on the court.

That happened with McDermott while he was with the Chicago Bulls, Thunder, New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks. He keeps putting the ball in the bucket. His effective field-goal percentage was a respectable 55.7, but the question remains: Who is he going to guard?

Signing McDermott wasn’t a bad idea for the Indiana Pacers. Signing him for three years at $7.3 million per was, though.

You have to wonder if anyone was trying to outbid them, and second, if they were, why not let them win?nfl jerseys authentic cheap

Come next summer, McDermott’s contract could be the type of deal a team tries to move so it can create cap space, which usually means giving up a pick.