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New York Giants’ Blake Martinez dives deep into the business of Pokémon collecting

 New York Giants linebacker Blake Martinez took the podium for a Zoom news conference with reporters this spring and opened the OTA media session for questions. Sale 54 Martinez NFL Jerseys, Only with a twist Sale New York Giants NFL Jerseys, .

“Shiny Charmande Cheap Stitched NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, r. Any questions for Charmander?” Martinez said as he held one of his cherished Pokémon cards in the air for the camera to s Discount NFL Nike Jerseys, ee.

This is going to become a regular occurrence at Martinez’s news conferences this year. He plans to bring a different card from his ever-expanding collection to each session, but in this moment his unexpected entrance drew more than a few blank stares. The group of mostly middle-aged sports journalists in attendance isn’t exactly hip to the Pokémon collecting world. Pikachu isn’t a running back. Charizard doesn’t get after the quarterback and Haunter is no relation to Minnesota Vikings edge rusher Danielle Hunter.

This is why many in that audience had never heard of a Charmander. But get Martinez started and he will explain. He is deep into the increasingly popular collectors’ game. This is hobby-meets-business-meets-alternative investment opportunity through his constant acquisitions, sales and auctions of high-priced Pokémon cards. As of last week Martinez was just shy of $1 million in sales on Whatnot, an online marketplace where he has an exclusive partnership.

“It’s gotten pretty insane,” said Martinez, whose go-big-or-go-home philosophy won’t allow him to stop until he reaches his ultimate goal of obtaining every Pokémon card ever made and hosting a rare first-edition base set box break.

“I’m going to try to make sure it happens,” Martinez said.

The box breaks have become Martinez’s thing. The concept is to buy a complete unopened box of cards, set a price for each pack and sell them before opening the packs during a live event or stream.

YouTube star Logan Paul held a $1 million first-edition box break in February. He sold packs for $40,000 and pulled two holographic Charizard cards (which are a big deal) during a live stream that drew hundreds of thousands of views. It was an overwhelming financial success.

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