A team can win a game or two in the NCAA tournament with a little luck, but to reach the Final Four requires so much more. Individual players must be capable of working within a system but also operating outside of it to take over when it’s most needed.cheap nfl jerseys china

This year’s Final Four is made up of three established power-conference programs in Kansas, Michigan and Villanova along with a bona fide Cinderella in Loyola-Chicago. And one thing they all have in common are standout players whose ability to lead and perform have made it possible for their teams to get this far.authentic nfl jerseys

We’ve ranked the top 10 players remaining in the 2018 NCAA tournament based on what they have done to this point in March Madness. Some of these players were among the best in the country throughout the year as well, but it’s what they have done in the tourney that matters most.829d0ad599d5c75d98d8edbc49374493_crop_exact 2e0eefb7a2988e32e25bb908d6bff81b_crop_exact

One thing this list is lacking are any high-profile freshmen, the kind that are apt to spend just a season in college before turning pro. No projected one-and-done player remains in the field, with Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa, at No. 32, the highest-ranked player from the 2018 recruiting class still alive. wholesale nfl jerseys

What he’s done: No player in the NCAA tournament has scored more without starting a game this year than Aundre Jackson, who in 74 total minutes off the bench has 49 points on 20-of-33 shooting. The 6’5″ senior forward has shot 65.5 percent on two-pointers in the tourney, consistent with his 63.1 percent shooting inside the arc for the season.

Why he’s here: Jackson began the season as starter but has been a reserve in all but one game for Loyola-Chicago since late December. Two of his best performances off the bench have come in the NCAA tourney, scoring 16 in the second round against Tennessee and adding 15 in the Sweet 16 win over Nevada.nfl jerseys wholesale

What to expect: With so many strong perimeter shooters on Loyola, Jackson often gets forgotten inside and he’s been able to exploit that. Michigan has kept opponents’ reserves from doing major damage in the tourney, but Jackson is like a sixth starter.